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The way to a destination is rarely straight. For us, “Smart connections.” means that what our customers want is concentrated into a unique range of services with the specialist knowledge of the KOSTAL group.

KOSTAL PIKO inverters are developed in a market-oriented way, focussing on application and quality standards. Today, the products offered by KOSTAL Solar Electric include single-phase and three-phase devices with an AC output of 3 kW to 12 kW.


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„Smart connections.”- Song – Music connects.
With the "Smart connections."- song our philosophy can be experienced in a musical way. Click here to watch the video of the song-premiere at the Intersolar 2011 or download the "Smart connections."-song for free.


Freiburg, Germany, 11.03.2014
PIKO 12 - the new alternative!

Freiburg, Germany, 10.03.2014
PIKO 5.5 10A - ideal for higher module currents

PIKO Plan 2.0

PIKO Plan 2.0
With the new PIKO Plan 2.0, KOSTAL Solar Electric has developed a software to replace the existing PIKO Plan program based on Excel and simplify the laying out of inverters for installers with user-friendly handling. It is available now for download at no charge.